When a person is unable to become pregnant on their own and/or does not have viable eggs in order to create embryos for implantation, an Egg Donor is needed.

Intended Parents that may require the help of an Egg Donor include:

  • gay couples
  • single Intended Fathers
  • single Intended Mothers without viable eggs
  • heterosexual couples without viable eggs
  • transgender Intended Parents

You can help a deserving person or family have the child they have been wishing for by donating your eggs to create embryos to be transplanted into the Intended Mother’s womb or to a Gestational Surrogate.

The process of egg donation requires the use of fertility medications, visits to a fertility clinic, and minor surgery to retrieve your mature eggs.

You can choose to donate your eggs under a known agreement where you may meet the Intended Parents and be kept up to date on their progress or choose to donate your eggs anonymously. We support you in creating the egg donation experience that you would like to have.

To learn more about egg donation contact Proud Egg Donation today.

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