We value the feedback our clients offer us and use it to improve our services and support. Thank you to all of our clients for making us the most sought after boutique egg donation agency in Canada.

We had almost given up hope for having our own child and began researching adoption when we met Nathan Chan. Nathan and his team helped us understand the process of egg donation and surrogacy. We can not recommend the team highly enough! Very professional and understanding. Knowing that Nathan has also used an egg donor and is an Intended Parent was very reassuring to us. We knew he would have our best interests in mind.

T and H, Canada

Intended Parents

Although I am not sure if I will have my own children, it has been an incredible experience to help my Intended Parents become parents. When I met them, I knew they were the right people to gift my eggs to. I was so happy to find out that they were expecting and now have a little girl! Thanks Proud Egg Donation for making it all possible!

K, Alberta, Canada

Egg Donor

From start to finish my experience with Proud Egg Donation was simple and positive. Every member of the team was very knowledgeable and I didn’t feel discriminated against for wanting to become a single parent. I was able to meet my baby’s Egg Mom and get to know more about her which has been amazing. I cannot recommend Proud Egg Donation enough and am so grateful to finally be becoming a mother!


Intended Parent

We will never be able to express our gratitude to our Egg Donor, but could not have gone through this process without the help of Proud Egg Donation. Nathan and his team took care of everything and were so helpful.

Z and C, Mexico

Intended Parent

I never expected the process of donating eggs to be so easy! Proud Egg Donation took care of everything, including my travel plans and reimbursements. A perfect meeting was coordinated for me and the couple who I have donated to. I am so relieved to know that I will be kept up to date on whether or not they are able to have a baby. Known egg donation means we can stay in touch without invading each others privacy.

T, Ontario, Canada

Egg Donor

I highly recommend Proud Egg Donation. After many failed rounds of IVF, my fertility clinic suggested I try egg donation. I got pregnant the first time! I wish I had known that agencies like Nathan’s existed and had started sooner. My Egg Donor has been like an angel to me. I could not be happier to be expecting.

S, Norway

Intended Parent

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