The Process of Becoming an Egg Donor


Step One

Complete the Egg Donor Interest Form. Providing Proud Egg Donation with the required information allows us to customise our support for you.

Step Two

Our Client Care Specialists will reach out to talk more about the egg donation process and help you decide if egg donation is right for you.

Step Three

Once you have completed the intake process with Proud Egg Donation, and are committed to donating your eggs we will help you manage all the preliminary matters.

Step Four

You will donate your eggs to a loving family longing for a child.  We’ll guide you through all of the details. The most honourable gift really does start here.

Egg Donation Process

Every egg donation process will be different. Even if you have donated eggs before you can expect that your experience donating in the future might be different.

What you can expect to experience when donating your eggs will depend on:

  • the level of privacy you choose
  • if you decide to meet the recipient(s) of your egg donation
  • the terms of your egg donation agreement
  • the location of the fertility clinic your Egg Recipients are working with
  • what country your Egg Recipients are from
  • if the egg is being carried by the recipient or a Gestational Surrogate
  • what protocols your Fertility Doctor recommends

You may be required to travel, depending on which fertility clinic your Egg Donation Recipients are working with. Proud Egg Donation takes care of all of your travel arrangements, bookings, and scheduling. You will need to bring a travel companion with you for your egg retrieval. Your travel companion’s expenses will be covered.

You can learn more about the egg donation process and what your experience donating eggs may be like by visiting our FAQ or contacting Proud Egg Donation.

Injections for Egg Donors

Potential Egg Donors often have questions about the medication and injects they may need to receive to donate eggs.

Watch as one of our Egg Donors explains the medications she is taking to donate her eggs to an excited future parent! She does a fabulous job of breaking it down and explaining medications for egg donation.

Start the process of becoming an Egg Donor.

Fill out an Egg Donor Interest Form to connect with the Proud Egg Donation Team.
Egg Donor Testing Basics for Egg Donors

Egg Donor Testing Basics for Egg Donors

    When you become an egg donor you will need to visit a fertility clinic for screening. The fertility doctor will want to know about your ovarian reserve (potential egg supply) and how your body will responds to certain medications. Thus, this information...

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