Intended Parent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find the answer to the most often asked questions we hear from Intended Parents seeking an Egg Donor. If you still have questions, or you’re ready to begin the egg donation process please complete the Intended Parent Interest Form.

Intended Parent FAQ
Why do people choose to donate their eggs?

People choose to become Egg Donors for many reasons. Their lives may have been touched by infertility, or they may be motivated by a desire to help others build a family.

How does Proud Egg Donation select Egg Donors?

We work with Egg Donors that are an ideal age and in good health. We pre-screen the Egg Donors we work with to eliminate genetic health conditions, and unhealthy behaviors.

What information will I receive about my Egg Donor?

Traditionally, Intended Parents receive background and health information about their Egg Donor. At Proud Egg Donation, we encourage you to be proud of how you’ve built your family. Ask and learn as much as you would like about your Egg Donor. You may even choose to meet your Egg Donor and stay in contact.

What does the process of egg donation look like for the Egg Donor?

The egg donation process begins with medical and psychological screening. Egg Donors are informed about the entire process and the risks involved. Once screening has been completed the Egg Donor is given hormones so that multiple eggs will mature at the same time. The Egg Donor undergoes minor surgery to retrieve the donated eggs.

How do I find an Egg Donor who is a good match for me?

We understand that ethnicity, background, personality, and body type may play a role in finding the perfect Egg Donor for your family. We embrace diversity when choosing Egg Donors.

How does everyone involved know what their responsibilities are?

You and your Egg Donor will both have all of your responsibilities and expectations laid out in a legal agreement prior to the egg donation process.

How much does the egg donation process cost?

The egg donation process varies in cost. We can help you budget for your expenses related to egg donation on a one on one basis.

How do we reimburse our Egg Donor for expenses?

As part of our Egg Donation Consulting Service, Proud Egg Donation establishes a trust account that is used to make payments for the Egg Donor’s expenses on your behalf.

What if my Egg Donor fails screening?

We will work with you to ensure you continue on your journey to build your family.

How do I start the process to receive donor eggs?

You can get the process started by filling out an Intended Parent Interest Form and connecting with us.

Reach out to us today for customized answers to all of your questions. By completing our Intended Parent Interest Form we can ensure the information we provide is just right for you.

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