There are so many reasons to become an Egg Donor.

As with most things in life, choosing to donate is as varied, complex and personal as the donors themselves.   There’s no one right answer for donation and these amazing donors come from many paths of life.   We asked our egg donors to share their perspectives on donation, their eggs and their decision to give the gift of family.

When you’re an Egg Donor, there is reciprocity.

Shauna’s best friend, after years of trying to have a baby, learnt that she was infertile.  Unable to use her own eggs, she and her husband, relied on the selflessness of an egg donor to achieve their dreams of becoming parents.  “It left a huge impact on me.  I remember experiencing every emotion with her and wishing there was something I could do.” Shauna was inspired to help give back,  upon learning about the egg donation process, and walking with her friend during her journey.  “ If I’m able to help bring about the same happiness that was given to my best friend, then I’ve accomplished what I started out to do – to give the gift of love.”

Egg donation supports social justice.

Leslie is a university student who works with kids while completing her studies.  Her classes and career goals centre around LGBTQ2S rights and advocacy.  “I was approached to donate my eggs and felt a need to walk my talk.  There are many single, coupled and poly persons who have so much love to give. They should have the same ability to create their families and grow.  I’m so proud to help contribute to that individual’s dream and to help support LGBTQ2S lives in a way I never imagined.”

Donating your eggs is empowering.

For Crystal, donating her eggs was all about  empowerment.  “I felt empowerwed.  Even little old me was able to use my natural given abilities to dramatically and drastically affect someone’s world.  I felt like a hero, a goddess, a warrior.  Something that really was a couple of months out of my life has forever changed someone else’s.  Whenever I’m encountering difficult life changes or worries, I remember my donation.  I remember that in spite of large obstacles, I helped create the answer to someone’s life wish. That makes me strong and capable.  My intended parents tell me they appreciate me for my generous gift, but really, I also benefited immensely.”

Some women donate their eggs, just because!

Diane’s a giver.  She volunteers at her child’s school, drives patients to and from hospital appointments and even helps at her local food bank.  “This was a natural step for me.  I donate my time and money when life allows, but this was a way for me to donate something that very few people do.  Diane had never really heard of or considered egg donation until she encountered a booth at the local mom’s show.   “I spent some time speaking with Nathan Chan, and heard his own personal journey.  It was so inspiring to hear his experience, but it didn’t really sink in until later, that Nathan wasn’t alone.  There are many other wonderful human beings wishing to have a family,  a child,  and can’t, but I could help.” Diane has donated twice now, and shares her story in the hopes that others may be inspired to help, “just because”.

Now how about you – what motivates you to become an Egg Donor?

If you’ve ever wondered how you could donate or have questions, please reach out.  Your reasons may be quite similar or vastly different on the spectrum of donation, but one thing is certain – that decision will forever change your life and the lives of the intended parents.  Your eggs become the smallest, biggest gift you could ever give –  the gift of family. You can check out Egg Donor Requirements to learn more.

Want to become an Egg Donor?

Complete an Egg Donor Interest Form to learn more about giving the ultimate gift.

Want to become an Egg Donor?

Complete an Egg Donor Interest Form to learn more about giving the ultimate gift.

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