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When a strong group of passionate individuals come together the results are truly incredible.

Proud Egg Donation began as a discussion among friends and colleagues who know from experience just how special donating eggs and receiving donor eggs is.

Together, the Proud Egg Donation team envisioned an agency that supports known egg donation for diverse families. With hard work and commitment, Proud Egg Donation is the first egg donation agency to embrace known egg donation and fully support all Intended Parents and Egg Donors.


Managing Director

Nathan’s experience as an Egg Donation Recipient, Intended Parent, Known Sperm Donor, and Managing Director at Proud Fertility has prepared him to guide you through the egg donation process with clarity and trust.


Client Care Specialist (Western Canada)

Erin’s personal experience with infertility and IVF gives her a unique perspective when working with clients. She is an experienced Gestational Surrogate and healthcare worker.


Client Care Specialist (Atlantic Canada)

Passionate about families and birth and an experienced Gestational Surrogate, Ashley is our Atlantic Canada liaison. Her attention to detail makes her a sought after resource among our team and clients.


Client Care Specialist (Eastern Canada)

Meaghan became interested in surrogacy when someone close to her experienced infertility. Her experience as a Known Egg Donor and Anonymous Egg Donor makes her an excellent addition to our Team.


Infertility & Loss Counselor 

When working with our clients, Aditi is often described as coach and healer. She is a trusted resource for support at Proud Egg Donation and focuses on helping Intended Parents and Egg Donors work through their emotions.

Industry Innovators

Proud Egg Donation wants to make the egg donation process better for Egg Donors and Intended Parents around the globe.

Superior Support

The most knowledgeable egg donation agency in Canada with an educated and professional team of Intended Parents, Egg Donors, and Surrogate Mothers.

Clear Communication

You’ll come to expect open communication with our team, your legal support, and your Egg Donor or Egg Recipient(s).

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